Woorabinda Lake - Stirling South Australia

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by Ben Morris (last edited 18/06/2015)

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I have rearranged the information into separate web pages.  The one page was getting too large was slow to load and difficult then to navigate.  Hopefully by dividing the information into separate areas navigation will be easier.

  Included now is a much improved spreadsheet for defining your sail seams and calculating the lift needed on your building board.  See in the 'Set the Seam Curvature page for more information


There are many resources which offer all sorts of assistance to the beginner model sail maker.  I have used as many as I could find including the following and would like to share some of my findings.  I'm sure some will find fault with my ideas and I am only too happy to receive feedback.  E-mail me on

Lester Gilbert's one metre site

Larry Robinson's book on 'How To' make sails advertised in Radio Yacht Supplies Australia; Radio Sailing Shop

While not specifically for models this program the 'SailCut CAD' program allows plotting of panels etc for sails.  Its discussions and examples are very useful.  This is a free download but does require some computer knowledge to set up

An excellent article by Paul Bogataj on "How do sails work" - essential reading!


In all of this literature there appears to be two common themes

1. To achieve a truly efficient sail it must be constructed with separate panels with built in shape or curvature.

2. Some means has to be used to hold the edges of the panels to the correct shape while joining them.